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1ClickForm filler is an intellectual Web form filler. It fills Web forms automatically with a single mouse click using patented form field recognition technology. In addition 1ClickFormFiller allows users to save manually filled forms on disk for future use. This function is very useful to store logon information for a particular Web Site.

1ClickFormFiller has extremely easy to understand interface. All you have to do to start using the program is to fill a form once. Then you call 1ClickFormFiller clicking with the mouse in the Internet Explorer window.

Despite the unpretentious interface the program is the most powerful and customizable form filler on the market today. Advanced users can control program's behavior by editing configuration files. It is possible to create unlimited number of custom field and tune up autorecognition engine by using name/context aliases script language.

1ClickFormFiller requires MS IE 4 or later.  

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